Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zentangle Basics Classes

I have had two really great Zentangle classes recently and have neglected to post the pictures.  This first photo is from the Elder College class that runs 4 weeks.  We are learning the basics of the Zentangle drawing method and then sprinkling in work with Black and Tan tiles.

This is my favorite part of the class, when everyone looks at all the tiles together and gasps.  They realize that they all heard the same teaching but every tile has its own unique artistry.  Love it!!!

My other class was at Scrapbook Central in Courtenay.  I had 5 wonderful students who kept exclaiming, "how cool."  What a wonderful feeling to impart this fabulous mindful drawing method to my students.

Everyone did such a wonderful job!

Happy Tangling!


lindagrady said...

These are amazing, Nancy. Looks like it would be a great stress reliever. Can remember doodling many years ago in high school; who knew how sophisticated it would become.

coldwaters2 said...

Awesome work Nancy love the look of Zentangle, the patterns look so intricate and very beautiful.
Lorraine x

Dr Sonia S V said...

How how cool they look
Dr Sonia
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