What is Zentangle

Zentangle is........

“The Zentangle Method is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns”, according to the creators of Zentangle.com, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Zentangle is a registered trademark.

My Zentangle on the Internet
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I love Zentangle as an art form.  I have always wanted to learn to draw.  As an avid crafter and card maker I thought, "if I only knew how to draw", I could create my own suite of characters to sell online or make into rubber stamps. 

Finally, I stopped procrastinating and searched the web for drawing classes and came across Zentangle.  I was intrigued by the patterns and the simple step by step approach.

I love Zentangle as a meditation tool.  Let's face it, we all have health issues of one sort or another. We live in a stressful world that is going very fast and many of our choices in life add to our stress level that then adds to our health issues. 

Zentangle lets me have those few minutes away from life where I am totally focused on one stroke at a time, slowing my breathing and clearing my mind of all the clutter.  The result is a calmer me with lower blood pressure.

I also use creating a Zentagle Tile as a Scripture Memory tool. As I add each stroke it provides mind space for repeating each phrase of the verse.  Usually by the time I finish a Tile I have successfully learned the verse.

I love Zentangle as a teaching experience.  I fell in love with the Zentangle drawing method to the extent that I attended the November 2013 training seminar and became a Certified Zentangle Instructor!

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