Saturday, December 20, 2014

Zentangle Inspired Art with Gelato Circles

It is time to mix things up a bit and post some of the Zentangle Inspired Art I have been creating.

I saw a post on Facebook where someone had drawn circles all over their page.  I am not sure what they had planned because I really didn't read the rest of the post.  As soon as I saw the picture though I knew what I wanted to do with the same idea.

I used a set of metalic gelatos (I know you are probably thinking ice cream at this point) to make a water color solution. All you need to do is chunk off a little piece of the gelato paste and add water.
It takes a bit of effort to mix it up into a water color solution.  You really have to swish it around with the water, adding more water drops as needed to get just the right amount of fluid.

When each color solution was ready, I dipped different sized cups and lids from the kitchen into the solution and then onto my water color paper.  The metalic gelatos make a very nice shiny circle.  I added a few to a page and more to other pages.  Sometimes when I lifted the cup it splattered the gelato color which made a another cool effect.

Once the paper was completely dry I started adding Tangles inside the circles.  On one page I choose to change the Tangle in each and every circle section (above).  On the other I decided to respect the circle and keep the same Tangle for the whole circle regardless of how many times it was split.

Work in progress

Have a go at this super simple water color technique and you will be surprised what an artist you really are.

Have Fun!



brenda said...

How very artistic and inspirational Nancy.

B x

coldwaters2 said...

Wow Nancy I am in awe of the technique you have used it looks beautiful it is also very creative and inspirational, awesome creation.
lorraine x

Sue said...

WOW! Such fabulous designs, they look like great fun to do.
Sue xx